Problem with the Pythons

“Have you found any pythons yet Jim?” “No, not yet.” The two hunters drifted apart. Then an ear piercing scream. Jim didn’t find the python, the python found him. The Burmese pythons are taking over the Everglades and people who have never seen a snake are hunting them. Thousands of people and animals are in danger due to a few careless acts by people who couldn’t take care of the pythons. “Many pets (pythons) turned loose by their owners when they became too big is threatening the ecosystem of Florida’s Everglades” states Andrew Ng.

Burmese pythons are dangerous. They can grow up to 23 feet long and weigh 200 pounds. Matt Piven states in the article ‘Burmese Python: Not the Ideal Pet’ “Think of a telephone pole, and then imagine a snake as big around the middle as that pole. That’s the Burmese Python” The size of these snakes is monsterous. The pythons are carnivores and can eat things 5 times larger than they are. Although they are not poisonous, they’re just as deadly. Given these facts, you probably wouldn’t want them wandering the Everglades.

The Burmese pythons are wiping out populations of animals. “With no natural predators these eating machines appear to be wiping out huge numbers of opossums, raccoons, and bobcats, as well as many bird species.” states Andrew Ng in a 2013 news article. With the shrinking number of small mammals and the growing number of pythons, the Everglades are in immense danger. Animals that aren’t being eaten by the pythons are still in danger. Their food sources are disappearing due to the pythons.

There are efforts being made but they aren’t the greatest ideas. Andrew Ng states in his January 2013 article “The state’s Fish and Wildlife Commission is sponsoring its first ever Python Challenge. Open to the public from January 12 until February 10, the challenge is to hunt and kill Burmese pythons, with a grand prize of 1,500 awarded to the hunter who kills the most pythons.” This contest allows people from all over the country to come and hunt for the pythons. Many of the people have never touched a python, let alone hunt them. These people are in immense danger and they may not realize it. Andrew Ng states in the same article “This means for 30 days, hundreds of people armed with shotguns, rifles, machetes, handguns, and hooked spears -many who have never seen a Burmese python- will roam the Florida Everglades in search of the coveted snakes.” The hunters are unfamiliar with the reptiles, and are wandering the Everglades with weapons. This is dangerous for obvious reasons.

The pythons that were released by their owners were causing a lot of problems. Hurricane Andrew didn’t help either. In EcoEchoes blog article ‘Burmese Python: The Ecosystem Challenge’  they state “They just let them go into the Everglades or some other wild area. Hurricane Andrew didn’t help matters. An exotic pet dealer’s warehouse that housed nearly 900 Burmese pythons was destroyed, and many of the pythons escaped.” With all these pythons wandering southern Florida, the ecosystem is hurting. There needs to be a better way of taking care of the pythons. With their effect on the ecosystem, their rein cannot last any longer.

These pythons are killing the Everglades ecosystem. They are causing the amount of small mammals and birds to decrease. The pythons are also reducing the resources in that area. The contest isn’t helping the case much, if anything it is putting people at more of a risk. Thousands of people are in danger due to these pythons, and the problem doesn’t seem to be diminishing. We can only hope that these pesky pythons will be gone in the near future.

Mountain Rescues

       Rangers on Mount Everest risk their lives rescuing climbers. Many have died while the climbers get out safely. This needs to come to an end. If the climbers get themselves into these situations they should be able to get themselves out of it. Climbers should not have the right to rescue services on Mountains.
“The hardships seem less than they would have been years ago. People can get lulled into thinking that it isn’t such an ordeal.” Says Guy Moreau in the article   ‘Why Everest’. These climbers prepare themselves less than necessary, then they get into trouble, call rescue services, and then the ranger gets seriously injured or dies while the climber gets out safely. This situation may seem extensive, but it has happened before. Nick Hall, a climbing ranger, fell 3,700 feet to his death after rescuing two women who fell into the crevasse. The women got up and out safely, but the person who saved their lives died tragically.
Climbers should not have the right to rescue services due to the lack of good techniques. Some have come up with ways that seem okay and they work in some cases, but there have still been deaths of rescue services. The helicopter has to come in close to rescue the climber, and the dangers of that are obvious. The propellers could have snagged a cliff or the helicopter could have gotten too low. Given these possibilities, the safest option would be to train the climbers to get themselves out of situations. It would be just the people and not large helicopters.
It’s simple physics. Helicopters and planes can’t fly in thin atmospheres. They lose lift which makes it hard to fly. When climbers get high enough on certain mountains, the atmosphere is thin and helicopter rescues are nearly impossible. Some amateur climbers may depend on these rescues without realizing it’s impossible.
No, climbers can’t predict the mountains next move, but they should be prepared for EVERYTHING. Whether it’s avalanches, wind or snow they should know what to do. As stated earlier, climbers should not have the right to rescue services on mountains.

Superhero Poetry

Heavy boots of lead
Fills his victims full of dread


Suit of armor

Taking flight

A genius like Einstein

Red and gold

Keen minded

A tragic car accident
And I a mere 21 years old
Mother and father
Caretaker and adviser
This pain inside
Is worse than a gunshot
I’ve got no one left
I took advantage of what I had
And now I don’t have it
We need you now more than ever
But none the less
Your legacies shall live on

The metal man that dominates the skies
Soaring through and catching eyes
The invincible Iron Man
Although he’s no Jackie Chan
He is quite a man
One of the most influential people on the planet
A suit the color of pomegranate
When he’s high, he’ll never come down
Dominating the sky downtown
Competitions’ over he won the crown

Red and gold, he’s bold
Restoring peace in the world
With brains like Hawking

Week 5 Student Blogging Challenge: Food

It helps you out when you are sick, it is a great meal to eatimageduring the winter, it’s chicken noodle soup. Chicken noodle soup has 87 calories per can. It has protein, vegetables and only 2 grams of fat. Chicken noodle soup is very popular in the U.S. There is even a song about chicken noodle soup. Many restaurants have chicken noodle soup on their menus.

Campbell’s classic chicken noodle soup is 81 years old. It has been enjoyed by generations of kids, parents, and grandparents. Theimagemeal has gained a reputation for acting as a remedy for the common cold. Now the soup has evolved from regular noodles to character shaped, larger chunks of chicken, and more vegetables. It is a dish that will be enjoyed for many more years to come.


The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906

imageThe San Francisco Earthquake sparked the study of earthquakes. The earthquake took place April 18 1906 at 5:12 A.M. in Sanfrancisco, California. California lies right on the San Andreas fault line leaving it susceptible to large earthquakes like these. The area is hot and dry and very mountainous. The earthquake had many effects on the U.S. but none compared to these.

Houses Shifted On The Streets

The earthquake caused documents to be lost, buildings to be reduced to rubble, and created crashes in the stock market. Peoples birth certificates, marriage licenses, and property deeds were lost. Many insurance companies went bankrupt. But on the bright side, the Bank of America got its start. When the stock market crashed, it caused nationwide panic for months. The call building and city hall were demolished. Not only that, but fires broke out for many days. As you could imagine, America wanted to help out a lot, and they did.

San Francisco got help from the Red Cross and the U.S. Army. The Army sent large amounts of supplies. The Red Cross helped with relief efforts by providing medical help. It took many months for the economy to recover after documents were lost and buisnesses went bankrupt. The city needed a lot of help after this disaster considering that San Francisco didn’t have much of an emergency plan.

Between the fires and the earthquake the smoke covering the city was thick, which made it very hard to breath

Before the earthquake, others were just considered nucences and people didn’t think much of them. They had a minimal amount of emergency procedures. During the earthquake people were panicked, and ran outside into the crowded streets with buildings falling to bits and fires practically everywhere. It seems as if no emergency procedures could keep them safe from this. Afterwards scientists started studied the quakes and their patterns. The took measurements and formed therioies. 28 years later the ritcher scale was developed. Devices like these have helped people be better prepared for large disasters like these.

The Aftermath of the Disaster

The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 spoarked the study of earthquakes. Although people are better prepared for disasters, it might not be enough for what scientists predict is to come. Some scientists predict that there will be a massive earthquake that will be felt across the country. Hopefully this time people will know how dangerous disasters like these truly are.

The Bones Family

“John, can you walk to the market to get some bread.” Yells Katrina
“Yes mother” replies John
“And remember be home before dark and DON’T go by the forest. You know the tale of the Headless Horseman and his henchman.” But that story wasn’t a tale. John left for the market with no intention to listen to his mother’s warnings.
“Thank you for the bread.” John told the shopkeeper. As he walked away he saw a shadow in the forest and went in.
“I’m worried about him Brom.” Said Katrina weeping
“He’ll be back darling don’t worry.” Replied Brom
“But it’s already past dark and-”
“Relax, John is strong like me.” “I’m going out for him, he’s probably in the forest.” Said Katrina “I’ll be home soon.”
“John, John, Jo- I knew you would be in here when I told you not to, come on let’s take the bridge path home, it’s quicker.” Katrina heard something, and John heard it too. Horse hooves. They turned around and saw two dark men on horses, one without a head. Then they saw nothing but a flaming pumpkin hurtling at their faces.
“So Brom, you decided to show up for the party.” Said the dark figure with a head
“Who- who are you.” Brom asked shaking
“Let’s just say I’d like my wool hat back.”
“Ichabod” said Brom
“Hold him here.” Ichabod told the Headless Horseman “Tonight’s a good night for a bonfire.”
Ichabod Crane walked through Sleepy Hollow until he found the home of the Bone’s family. Ichabod started the fire at the base of the house and laughed manically as it went up in flames.
Brom Bones and the Headless Horseman appeared behind Ichabod.
“I guess the old saying is true,” Ichabod said to Brom. “What goes around comes around”
“My-my- house, my family, why?” Brom asked
“You took everything I had so I decided to return the favor.” Ichabod replied. “Fourtunatully for me I lived and found treasure, unfortunate for you this is all your fault in the eyes of the villagers. No one will believe that I did this, I’m long gone according to them. Have fun rotting in prison bone head.”
And with that Ichabod knocked out Brom Bones by the burning house